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12/02/2022Chasse-Galerie, Lavaltrie, QC

Myriam Gendron

Myriam Gendron was born in Ottawa in 1988 and she grew up between Gatineau (Quebec), Washington D.C. and Paris. She settled in Montreal at the age of sixteen, where she currently makes her living as a book dealer.

In 2014, she released Not So Deep as a Well, a nine-track album made from poems by Dorothy Parker that she set to music. The critically-acclaimed record, released by Feeding Tube Records and Mama Bird Recording Co., was picked for many best-of-the-year (and best-of-the-decade) lists. Richard Meltzer, one of the founders of modern rock criticism in the USA, wrote that Not So Deep as a Well, “is the hottest—and FINEST!—Impossible Love collection in, I dunno, 30 years.”

Seven years later, in 2021, Myriam Gendron released Ma délire Songs of love, lost & found, a very modern exploration of North American folk tales and traditional melodies. The bilingual double album of 75 minutes, released on October 1st 2021 by Feeding Tube Records and Les Albums Claus, is very well received by local and international musical critique.

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