Upcoming Shows

03/18/2024PHI Centre, Montreal, QC
03/20/2024Public Records, Brooklyn, NY
03/21/2024Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
03/22/2024Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago, IL
03/24/2024Big Ears, Knoxville, TN
03/28/2024The Fruit, Durham, NC
03/30/2024The Lab, San Francisco, CA
04/05/2024Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA


For Joseph Kamaru (KMRU) a Nairobi-born Berlin-based sound artist, sound is a sensorial medium through which social, material and conceptual interpretations are manifested in his works. KMRU carries with him a repository of listening experiences from Nairobi and beyond expanding his sonic practices, bringing an awareness of surroundings through creative compositions, installations and performances. He has earned international acclaim from his performances and releases , at the Barbican, Berlin Atonal, Présences électronique, and releases on Editions Mego, Subtext, Seil Records. KMRU has carved out a serious and defini;ve space on the list of essential authors in ambient experimental music – one of the most prolific and innovative artists in his field.

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