Flore Laurentienne

Flore Laurentienne

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09/13/2024Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA w/ William Basinski
09/14/2024El Rey, Los Angeles, CA w/ Colin Stetson
09/20/2024First Congregational UCC, Portland, OR w/ William Basinski
09/20/2024Seattle First Baptist, Seattle, WA w/ William Basinski
09/27/2024Church of the Heavenly Rest, New York, NY w/ William Basinski
11/03/2024Nine Orchard, New York, NY
11/08/2024Arthur Zankel Music Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
11/09/2024Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, VT

Flore Laurentienne

Flore Laurentienne is an open window to the technicolor soundscapes of Mathieu David Gagnon – the Canadian composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who shapes vast orchestral sound to interpret the rugged wilderness and waters of his native Québec. The namesake of an inventory documenting St. Lawrence Valley flora, Flore Laurentienne illumes the science and spirit of his surrounds through expansive string orchestrations melded with the textures and experimentation of early analogue synths.

Following the compass and critical acclaim of his Volume I debut, Flore Laurentienne returned in October 2022 with Volume II to resume his voyage into environment and emotion. Recorded with string and clarinet ensembles along with Gagnon’s signature modulation, Volume II explores forces of water as metaphorical markers to navigate passages of life and loss, . Reflecting the parallel tenors of nature and humankind, Volume II locates another estuary in Flore Laurentienne’s tides toward contemporary sonic romanticism.

In his approach to composition hued by leitmotif and constraint, Gagnon challenges himself to extract beauty from simplicity in homage to the changing faces of natural landscapes. The presence of familiarity and flux in Volume I is heightened through the vivid instrumentation of a fifteen-piece string orchestra, which Gagnon brings together with an array of 1960s and 70s synthesizers, including the Minimoog Model D, the EMS Synthi and combo organs – an innately ambitious project which forges the composer’s distinctive path in the expansion of classical music archetypes.

Flore Laurentienne was nominated in seven categories at the 2020 ADISQ in Québec, winning the ‘Arrangement of the Year’ and ‘Sound Recording and Mixing of the Year’. In 2020, Volume I was longlisted for the Polaris Music Prize and received four nominations at the Felix Awards for ‘Revelation of the Year’, ‘Songwriter of the Year’, ‘Critic’s Choice Album of the Year’ and ‘Instrumental Album of the Year’. In 2021, Flore Laurentienne was nominated for the** Juno Awards** ‘Instrumental Album of the Year’ in recognition for his contribution to Canadian music. In addition, Fleuve No. 1 opened the Chanel fashion show at Paris Fashion Week 2022.


Awards & Recognition

Nominated at the 2021 JUNOS Awards for Instrumental Album of the Year

Nominated on the 2020 Polaris Prize Short List for Volume 1

Winner at the 2020 ADISQ for Arrangement of the Year for Volume 1

Winner at the 2020 ADISQ for Sound Recording and Mixing of the Year for Volume 1

Nominated at the 2020 ADISQ for Best New Artist

Nominated at the 2020 ADISQ for Album of the Year – Critic’s Choice for Volume 1

Nominated at the 2020 ADISQ for Author or Composer of the Year for Volume 1

Nominated at the 2020 ADISQ for Revelation of the Year for Volume 1