Faten Kanaan

Faten Kanaan


North America

Upcoming Shows

03/01/2024Immanuel Presbytarian Church, Los Angeles, CA
03/15/2024Church of the Heavily Rest, New York, NY

Faten Kanaan

Brooklyn-based composer, musician, and producer Faten Kanaan uses counterpoint as a narrative tool to create music that is mysterious, smudgy, bittersweet, and deeply melodic.
From the repetitive structures of modern minimalism and early music/baroque influences – to more languid textural ebbs & tides, there’s a warmth in her use of synthesizers that gives her work a curiously timeless feel. Composing intuitively, her music has often been described as ‘strange’, mostly because it creates its own world one that isn’t easily categorized. In symbiosis with technology is an appreciation for the vulnerability of human limitations and nuances, and her live performances highlight her use of the piano keyboard as an extension of the self.

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