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06/08/2023Lawnya Vanya, St.John’s, NL
06/09/2023Lawnya Vanya, St.John’s, NL
06/10/2023Lawnya Vanya, St.John’s, NL
06/21/2023Sled Island, Calgary, AB

Cecile Believe

The Voice is a powerful medium, Cecile Believe’s is unmistakable. Coming into the public eye first through her work as vocalist and co-writer on SOPHIE’s Oil Of Every Pearl’s Uninsides, Cecile Believe is rising star in contemporary underground pop culture. Making music that is decidedly post-genre, Cecile aims to push the boundaries of pop, club and experimental, leaving room for a wide range of moods and emotional expression. 2020 saw two releases by Cecile, her debut EP Made in Heaven and a thrilling mixtape, Plucking a Cherry From the Void, the latter of which was made in 3 months over the second half of 2020. Both releases received critical acclaim and genuine appreciation from listeners. With a voice that has soundtracked many moments in the lives of listeners, Cecile Believe has come to be a deeply beloved artist with a devoted fan base.

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